For the spirit compels me…

I am compelled to do this

Trust me, I have no choice in the matter

Cleanse I must, though I’m yet to know the error of my ways

I must confess to evils unknown, perhaps yet undone

I must reach into the deepest recesses of my mind, unravel I must

For only in laying it all bare would all the debt be paid, or forgiven

Oh you’re no prisoner, you need not witness my suffering

For torture it will be, whether or I dig, strip or walk away

You see, a debt I may call it but in truth a robbery it is

So I freely received, may I not just as freely keep?

I neither begged nor bargained, yet upon me it was placed

A gift they say, but one that I must return folds over

This voice in my head, a demon I say

Or redemption, when my debt is paid

I await the silence with bated breath, for I never knew true quiet

But when it has said all it must, then I shall bask in the peace

My exorcism complete, then shall my penance be done

Do not wait up, for it shall need a new home

Except you’d rather, perhaps your demon calls to mine

Then stay with me, by all means let my voice make you whole

Bless me with an early release, perhaps therein lies my one true hope of freedom



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