Vain Glory

Feed my ego, eat my soul
Break my spirit, eat my bones
Be my savage, make me whole
Ravage my body, sticks and stones

Crack your whip, go on, make me moan
Rent my dignity, while I writhe in throes
Test my limits, watch me strike a pose
I’ll break, nay bend, go on set the tone

Light me up, let the fire rage
Drown me slow, I’ll come up for air
Paint me sputtering, be my stage
Twist the knife, go on, make me stir

Live coal dance, do I please you Massa?
Singed skin, gasping, do I turn you on?
Vanity unsated, please, one more platter
I’ll die to thrill, just leave the lights on


One thought on “Vain Glory

  1. Feed my ego, kill my soul,
    Break my spirit, eat my bones
    Pummel my body, wreck my mind,
    But lead me to your promised land

    Clip my wings, bridle my tongue
    Saddle me with your laden bond
    Salt my wounds, gorge my eyes
    But hold me in your open arms

    Pluck my teeth, restrain my hands
    Bind my legs, contain my heart
    Humble my desire, deflate my pride
    But teach me your perfect will

    Drag me by hair, pull me by my ears
    Crush my every rib, amplify my worst fears
    Crack my hips, drink my tears
    But never let me suffer alone

    No doubt you win…

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