Sadist. Or not.

Sometimes, I’m glad when things don’t quite work out for some people. No, I’m not a sadist. No, I don’t even dislike said people. Yes, I’m a little ashamed of the sentiment. But, let me explain.
Aunty M for instance, she goes to church, pays the tithes, is a regular with the special ministers, follows their instructions to the letter. Doesn’t question them when they make certain weird demands, just obeys and believes in the wisdom of the One for whom they speak. Lives upright, helps people… You know, the whole nine yards. And I admire all that. I love her for it even.
Here’s what makes me a hater. So I don’t go the same route, I’m not as dedicated. I don’t believe like she does.Hence, she concludes that’s the reason certain things aren’t right with me. But she says it with a little caution, after a while, she barely hints at it now. The reason is simple, her way didn’t exactly work out now did it?
I want her to be fine, have everything she desires. But I also wished for her to learn, that doing everything right doesn’t guarantee anything. Life is what it is. And as different as we are, there are several means to a goal. And while certain routes may be better than others, if no one really gets hurt, let everyone find their own scenic route. You see, we would not all get there, but if allowed to take the route more suited to us, the pleasure in the journey might just make up for the view at the end. If however, in the quest to get it right, we travel the hard way and still fail to get there…the emptiness, the bitterness, and worse still, the knowledge that this was some other person’s choice, could push a person over the edge.


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