It’s funny, the way people straddle their high horses and just assume they’ll ride off into the sunset. It’s even funnier when they fall off. Nothing dignified about that fall really. Same folks you rode past with your nose in the air, seize the opportunity to look at you, down in the mud, and confirm what they already suspected: you ain’t shit.
I always wonder if these snooty fellows already know this. If deep down they’re aware but they dress up their crappy selves in as much finery as possible and hope we mistake them for someone truly important, worthy of note.
I’ve decided that they’re just as different in their crappiness as the rest of us. But the most pathetic would have to be the ones that have somehow convinced themselves that they are indeed the shit. That the sun shines out of their smelly behinds. Those ones will never learn. Even after their fall, they’ll take nothing away. They’ll probably just find a different horse and ride the poor creature to it’s doom. And fall they must, for how do you ride anywhere with your head in the clouds?


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